Employment Tips

How Long to Wait Before Following Up After a Career Job Interview

Deciding how long to wait before following up on a job interview by giving your interviewer a call isn’t a life or death decision, but it’s still an important one every job applicant needs to make.A good rule of thumb is to wait no longer than 10 days following the interview before making the call. The exceptions would be if you know that the company will hire for the position you want in a shorter time frame, or that they will be accepting applications until a specified date farther away than 10 days.Practicing what you will say to your interviewer before you call is a good idea. A little practice can work wonders in the confidence level in your voice, and that’s important.  Even if you desperately want the job and are cared you’ll never find another as good, do NOT sound desperate! Few things are as off-putting as desperation.

The 2-Page Resume Rule Does Not Usually Apply to C-Level Executives
If you’re a CEO, COO, CIO, CTO or otherwise a top C-level executive, the usual rule of keeping a resume to no more than two pages does not apply to you.How could it? You’ve one too much to list and describe on two measly pages. Nobody reaches your level of achievement in a few short years!However, the fact that restricting your resume to two pages is not imperative for you should not be taken to mean that you can forgo editing your caareer achievements, either. No one wants to wade through page after page of resume, no matter how accomplished the person who owns it may beSo keep your resume as brief an succinct as possible while still describing your past employment, achievements and your goals for your future. A resume that is the right length without being too wordy is a sure winner every time!

Dust Off Your Best Shoes: Contrary to Popular Belief, Casual Dress is not Interview Appropriate
What does this have to do with what you should wear to an interview? Simply this: Everybody’s had more than enough of the casual dressing approach, so for heaven’s sake DRESS UP for your job interview. Dressing up is a sign of respect, a clear signal that you consider the company to which you are applying worthwhile and you want to work there. It’s much better to have your new boss tell you, “You look great, Harry, but you don’t need to dress to quite the level you do for this interview” than to say, “If you want to work here, you’ll need to look a lot better than you do now.”

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