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14975 Hartford Run Dr., Orlando, FL / (407) 7619993 /
  •         Aerospace Repair/Maintenance/Modification
  •         Hydraulic & Pneumatic Powered Systems
  • Aerospace Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 Standards
  • Quality Control & Auditing Standards
  • Corrective Action Reporting
Quality Control Verification Specialist – NBCUniversal, Universal Studios, Orlando FL
  • Perform random quality performance field audits and quality inspections on technicians performing maintenance procedures at ride venues.
  • Audits include hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical work performance as well as safety compliance.
  • Oversee and enforce compliance to established maintenance procedures, training plans, and safety processes to ensure that the NBCUniversal Technical Services department is in compliance with corporate level procedures, standards and codes as well as federal and state requirements.
  • Perform documentation audits to ensure vendor’s Operation & Maintenance manuals concur with current Job Plans. 
  • Perform various other Quality Control duties as required for Universal Orlando attractions to ensure compliance with all company maintenance procedures & monitor progress for each applicable function.
  • Currently, one of only two Quality Control Verification Specialists throughout the entire NBCUniversal Corporate system.
Life Insurance Agent - National Agents Alliance – Orlando, FL
  •         Contact & interview clients, schedule appointments, schedule management meetings, and complete application process for life insurance policies for 14 different life insurance carriers.
 2006 – 2011
 Quality Process Auditor - United Space AllianceKennedy Space Center, FL
  •         Performed random, quality based processing audits, reviews, inspections and surveillance of all Space Shuttle flight hardware operational processing areas for the Launch & Recovery Systems directorate of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program.
  •         Verified compliance with stipulated processing procedures.
  •         Investigated recurring problems and trends; assisted in developing corrective action plans to
               incorporate process changes.
  •         Verified flight element processing met or exceeded NASA contractual requirements.
  •         Researched, evaluated and finalized Process Sampling and Corrective Action data
1988 – 2006
 Senior Aerospace Technician- United Space Alliance & Lockheed Space Operations CompanyKennedy Space Center, FL
  • Responsibilities included all final hydraulic, pneumatic, hypergolic & electrical pre‐flight testing, maintenance, and closeouts for launch of Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) systems at Launch Pads 39A & 39B.
  • Maintained and operated all Ground Support Equipment related to SRB processing.
  •         Performed maintenance on various SRB systems including hydraulic, pneumatic & electrical systems and all other integrated systems and components associated with the Solid Rocket Boosters.
  • Maintenance and Hypergolic propellant loading of the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) Hydraulic Power Unit carts and Hypergolic propellant loading of the SRB on-board Thrust Vector Control Systems.
  • Maintained the vast Hypergolic fuel systems (Hydrazine, Mono-Methyl Hydrazine & Oxidizer) located at Launch Pads 39A & 39B.
  • Maintained the 3000 PSI Gaseous Nitrogen Pneumatic Systems at Pads 39A & 39B as well as the SRB on-board 3000 PSI Hydraulic Systems.
 1985 – 1988
 Senior Thermal Protection Systems Technician - Lockheed Space Operations CompanyKennedy Space Center, FL
  •         Duties included repair, maintenance, modification, removal and replacement of a wide range of external thermal composite materials that comprise the Space Shuttle's external reentry heat shield.
  •         This position required the planning, preparation, execution and completion of precise, detailed work associated with a critical and complex single point failure system aboard the Space Shuttle.
1983 – 1985
 Lead Avionics Installation Technician - Page Avjet Corp - Orlando, FL
  • Performed installation and final checkout of avionics and electronics systems on various Boeing 707, 737, 747 series aircraft. Lockheed L-1011 and Gulfstream G1, G2, G3 aircraft as well as various Lear and Beechcraft aircraft.
  •  Lead technician over a shop of nine technicians. Assigned daily work activities to all personnel.
1979 – 1983
Aircraft Electrical Specialist - U.S. Air Force
  • Performed all aspects of electrical operations and maintenance of A10‐A and F4‐E jet aircraft.
  • Maintained and operated all aircraft associated Ground Support Equipment.
  • Separated with an honorable discharge with the rank of E‐4.
  • DD form 214 available upon request.
  •         NASA Certificate of Appreciation – Given in support of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program 06/2011
  •         Spaceflight Awareness Award ‐ Exceptional Space Shuttle Program Support 10/2009
  •         NASA Quest Award ‐ Outstanding Job Performance 05/2007
  •         NASA Individual Achievement Award ‐ Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Recovery 07/2004
  • NASA Group Achievement Award – Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Recovery 07/2004
  • Complete list of awards available upon request.
02/2012 IPC / WHMAA620 Certification
12/2011 IPCA610 Certification
03/2011 NDE VT Level II (United Space Alliance only)
09/2010 Industrial Hygiene Management Certification, Columbia Southern University
08/2009 Level 1 & 2 courses for Microsoft programs PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Photoshop
08/1982 Aircraft Electrical System Technician (A10A Aircraft) US Air Force
06/1982 Basic Electronics Course, US Air Force
08/1980 Aircraft Electrical Systems Course (F/RF4 Aircraft) US Air Force
01/1980 Aircraft Electrical Systems Specialist, US Air Force

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